The History of Property Valuation

Ultimate result so like recently I’ve been buying a lot of land myself and building houses on it and I can see that you know blocks lingo for green grand probably got for grand pick up blow market Bay be able to build a house on a cheap and they’re going to be worth you know you’re paying eight nine hundred green as in product and worth one and a half mil there’s money in it a lot of people go and then to buy a nice luxury brochure that they’ll see the Builder all sell whatever and you know they will pay.

premium for that so and so is that because you’re kind of putting the a and the B together separately yeah so you’refining the land you’re adding the add the house on to it and sets cost you a mill and then it’s worth one and a half whereas if I saw this through an ice glossy brochure through a real estate agent or a financial planner o or counted there be saying now you can buy this land for you’re buying a house for so you’re almost kind of you’repaying all the fees in there

it is difference between it is buying something and then creating the opportunity and I think that doing it as a two-step process a process by finding the lien finding the actual builder Aaron Campbell to build the property you can create equity in there from day one and create the opportunity but the numbers have to stack up and it’s got to be black and white and so effectively I mean your really pretty much going wholesale rather than going down to the local store and just buying it on a shopfront in there in the high street exactly yeah and for a lot of people that are trying to get financially free yeah are they going to do it overnight or is it go to take some time I remember hearing someone say before and definition of quick get rich quick.